[Exhibition] Float with Nature

Float With Nature

As a Hong Kong diaspora from a Japanese Buddhist family, Teresa Chan uses paper marbling to embody the Zen philosophy and connect spiritually with nature and her faraway family. 

The exhibition presents the works she made during her residency on Minsiing/Toronto Islands and along Lake Ontario. The concentric circles of ink and water express nature's cyclical and rhythmical workings and see everything as a whole. The ink flows are uncontrollable, visualizing the dynamics of wind and water from the Lake. In turbulent times, let the water speak and guide us.

Exhibition Period:
27 Jan - 3 May 2024

Corridor Galleries, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, 
Oakville, Toronto (Map)

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Formations
The Formations

The Genesis - Condensation

The Genesis - Collision

The Wildfires

The Worms

The Tree

Portrait of Weather Series
During my artist residency “I made it through the wilderness” at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Mnisiing/Toronto Island in June 2023, I used Suminagashi as an introspection to commune with nature and portrait the weather outdoors every day. While immersing myself in the ever-changing nature of water and the surrounding landscape through this mindful making process, I was breathing in the smoke from wildfires and reflecting on the climate crisis. And I am just the medium for the water to speak.

Portrait of Weather (Jun 7, 2023), 17 C, 23km/h wind speed, smoky with air Quality warming

Portrait of Weather (Jun 8, 2023), 19 C, 6km/h wind speed, smoky with air Quality warming. Drizzle.

Portrait of Weather (Jun 9, 2023), 20C, 9km/h wind speed, Partly Cloudy After Rain.

Portrait of Weather (Jun 11, 2023), 21 C, 6km/h wind speed, Drizzle.

Portrait of Weather (Jun 12, 2023), 16°C, 14km/h wind speed, Rain

Portrait of Weather (Jun 13, 2023), 16 C, 13km/h wind speed. Sunny.

Portrait of Weather (Jun 15, 2023), 18 C. 9km/h wind speed. Partly Cloudy.

 Portrait of Weather (Jun 17, 2023), 23°C, 14km/h wind speed, Sunny.

Specimen 1

Specimen 2

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Floating Ink

Floating Ink

 I start a work with intuitive thinking and try new things resonating feelings. I attempt to experiment with new techniques and materials to express Asian and Indigenous worldviews, connect with nature, and explore diasporic identity formation. I am practicing Suminagashi (Japanese ink marbling) to embody the Japanese Zen philosophy and Chinese Taoism, reconnecting to the spiritual world shared with my faraway Japanese Buddhist family.

The concentric circles of ink and water express nature’s cyclical and rhythmical workings and see everything as a whole. The flows of ink and water are uncontrollable, embracing the beauty of imperfection and the impermanence of all things.

Join me to float with nature.

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