About Teresa Chan Tsz Lam

Teresa Chan Tsz Lam is a multimedia artist and oral history researcher with an education background in ecology and anthropology. Her art practice is experimental and narrative. She started art creation with ink drawing for making political cartoons and book illustrations. After a long stay farming with Indigenous People in Taiwan, she explores natural materials and everyday objects as a medium to portrait the interaction between humans and nature. Through research-based art practice, she examines collective memory and cultural identity with a multispecies perspective. She is also engaged in storytelling and published children’s books on wildlife and emotion management.

As a Hong Kong diaspora from a Japanese Buddhist family, she navigates trauma and identity crisis. Her ink works embody the Japanese Zen philosophy and Chinese Taoism, reconnecting to the spiritual world shared with her faraway family.

Teresa Chan is currently a professional member of Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP).


Media Interview

Coconuts Hong Kong
Hong Kong Free Press
Ming Pao News
Sing Tao News

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